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When I first began healing, I found so much peace in the knowledge that everything that had happened to me wasn’t without cause. It wasn’t chakras, crystals, or yoga that brought me any kind of ease. It wasn't breath work or meditation. It was the knowledge that my life was God-ordained, that all the suffering I had endured wasn’t for nothing.


I realized that my pain was my gift, my opportunity, my blessing, to bring to others the peace that I was only beginning to understand myself.


Without fully realizing that Christ was the one holding my hand, I still had a deep understanding that my testimony was going to be a powerful one. One that sang of God’s goodness, plans, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and gifts.


If there’s one message that I could share with the world, one thing that I desperately desire for every man, woman, and child to know and feel deep in their bones, it would be this: GOD IS WITH US.


He is the light, the love, the way, and it is only through His will and His ways that we will ever see the life and world we desire come into being.


In a world choking on sin, distraction, and deception, His way is not an easy one. Yet nothing good, valuable, or worthwhile ever comes easily - unless it comes through Him, or through His Spirit in us. The weight of our flesh is heavy. But when we abstain from sin, when we deny the desires of our flesh, we allow His Spirit in us to lift us, light as a feather, high into the heavens. 


We are not alone.

He is with us now. He is coming soon. He is our salvation. He is our hope. 

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